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August 10, 2020 5:53 pm

All the interesting information about the broker Dukascopy Bank Reviews

Dukascopy is a Swiss online bank whose official location is in Geneva. The Bank provides services for forex trading and binary options. The main attention of the bank is concentrated on the foreign exchange market. Company offers online and mobile trading. Many customers have noted the convenience of the trading platform. Currently SWFX trading platform is connected by FIX API with more than 20 largest banks, having the largest pool of ECN Forex spot liquidity, which is available only for traders, banks, hedge funds and other institutions. Due to this, broker Dukascopy Bank Reviews is able to offer its customers excellent execution of orders, quality of the price flow and very low spreads.

More about Ducascopy

The company was founded in 2004 in Geneva. About 99% of the company’s shares are owned by citizens of Geneva. Broker Dukascopy Bank Reviews is under the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) as a bank and a securities dealer. This company has all the needed licenses, it means that it matches all world standards and has the right to fight for the title of one of the best brokers of all the time. On the bank’s website you can see the awards the company has been awarded. The main duty of the company is based on providing services to traders providing excellent trading platforms, professional counselling and training. All these trading services work directly through the SWFX online platform. The bank offers its customers a possibility for immediate currency exchange, as well as online cards and merchant accounts. It is necessary to know that working with such a reliable broker the amount of your deposit will be much more than the one that a normal broker can offer you. Traders’ comments said that some amounts are just unaffordable for them. But this broker is famous for its reliability, so here everyone chooses by themselves.

Broker Dukascopy Bank Reviews. Support and registration in Dukascopy

The company is providing full support to its traders. Traders reviews said that the company is very attentive to its customers. The company’s offices are located in different large cities, including Moscow. Installing of the platform is not required, it’s online trading platform. Support broker Dukascopy Bank Reviews is provided 24/5, so at any time, you can contact the company’s specialists. To register you need to go through a specific procedure. On the official website you will see a red “Login” button. By clicking on the “Login” button some windows will appear. Filling these windows it’s necessary to enter personal data in accordance with the instruction. It’s important to provide accurate data about yourself. For avoid problems in the future with passing verification.


Dukascopy scam is not just an international company, it is also a bank. To work with such a broker you need to be really “grown-up”. Because the official cost of opening a deposit varies by several thousand dollars. We can not say that this is not a reliable broker. But cooperation with this broker requires some effort. Remember that trading is always connected with some risks and if you lose your money then the authority of the company is powerless.