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July 7, 2022 7:12 am

CryptoMakers broker scam

Is CryptoMakers broker scam or an honest broker?

Is CryptoMakers broker – scam ? How to understand that the broker in front of us is a scam or not? Is CryptoMakers an honest broker? Should you trust him and trade with him?

What should ordinary people look for when choosing a broker to trade? In order not to lose your money. We will try to answer these questions in this review.

Broker information – is CryptoMakers broker scam or an honest broker?

CryptoMakers broker scam or an honest broker? This information will help you decide.

The broker himself indicates where his offices are located, contact information and all the legal information that you should be aware of.

CryptoMakers broker scam

Here is what the website says about RISK:

CryptoMakers broker scam

Is CryptoMakers broker scam? Lets dig deeper:
Trading platforms

CryptoMakers broker offers two unique, different trading platforms. You can use the website and the platform with any device. The broker has optimized both the website and the platform so that anyone can take advantage of it.

1) Platform – ETF

On this platform CryptoMakers provides clients with a unique offer. The truth is that the broker on this platform combines the most relevant assets or their ratio. That is a set of 4 Assets combined in 1 ETF. The ETF can include:

Raw materials,
Cryptocurrencies and currencies,
Currency pairs.

CryptoMakers broker scam

The broker shows how much the price of such an ETF can grow by about 100% to 350%. Plus, the broker already shows how many % there is and is it positive or negative.
In total, the broker offers 13 unique ETFs.

Before investing in one of them or more, you can see the graph of the ETFS on the platform for each of the four assets combined in the ETFS. Each asset has its own chart.
To finally decide whether to invest or not.

Apart from deciding which ETF to invest in and how much, you will not have to do anything else. You wait for the % to grow as much as possible, according to the broker’s forecast. And that’s it.

2) Platform – CFD

This platform is for trading on the CFD exchange. The platform has over 200 assets for trading, many tools for the trader. Traders also note that it is an easy to use platform.
So that the trader can easily do technical analysis for himself. The broker offers many signals for clients using the CFD platform.

Please note that the broker provides the following instruments on this platform: stop loss and take profit. These tools will allow you to set boundaries so that you can trade more successfully.

You can also use pending orders. This tool will help you buy/sell an asset at your desired price, whenever the asset reaches that price.

Also, do not forget that this platform is available to you 24/7 since you can trade cryptocurrency on it.

Account replenishment and withdrawal of money

CryptoMakers broker offers several options for replenishing deposits.
These methods are prevalent worldwide and, therefore, will be convenient for their clients.


Сard – Visa or MasterCard.
Bank transaction.
Bitcoins. The broker does not limit you in the means of making a deposit.

Remember that if you use bank transfer, ask your personal manager for the payment details.

The withdrawal of funds will be the same.

Before replenishing and withdrawing funds, you must go through the KYC procedure — verification to identify each client. Verification enables funds transfers to be more accurate and legal.
To complete the procedure, you must provide the broker with several documents: ID, bank card (if needed), and utility bills.

This procedure is performed to ensure the security of your transfers. That is a standard procedure. THIS IS NOT A SCAM TO STEAL YOUR DOCUMENTS.
Without it, you can’t trade on your account.

Account types

“Basic” (from € 5,000  to  € 10,000).

  •  Account manager – Counsel,
  • Withdrawals approvals – 5 business days,
  • Direct Financing – 25%,
  • Leverage – Up to 1: 5,
  • Spreads – From 1,5 Pips,
  • Education – 1 Analyst session,
  • IPO Access – By invitation.

“Silver” (from € 10,001 to € 25,000).

  •  Account manager – Counsel,
  • Withdrawals approvals – 3 business days,
  • Direct Financing – 50%,
  • Leverage – Up to 1: 30,
  • Spreads – From 1,0 Pips,
  • Education – 3 Analyst sessions,
  • IPO Access – Priority.

“Gold” (from € 25,001 to € 100,000).

  •  Account manager – Customized,
  • Withdrawals approvals – 24 hours,
  • Direct Financing – 100%,
  • Leverage – Up to 1: 100,
  • Spreads – From 0,5 Pips,
  • Education –  Online course,
  • IPO Access,
  • Copy Trading,
  • Money management plan,
  • Access to premium Contest.

“Platinum” (from € 100,001 to € 250,000).

  •  Account manager – Customized,
  • Withdrawals approvals – 4 hours,
  • Direct Financing – 4 hours,
  • Leverage – Up to 1: 300,
  • Spreads – From 0,0 Pips,
  • Education –  Full Program,
  • IPO Access,
  • Copy Trading,
  • Money management plan,
  • Access to premium Contest – Weekly,
  • Saving account.

“Diamond” (from € 250,000 )

  • Account manager – Customized,
  • Withdrawals approvals – Swift,
  • Direct Financing – Customized,
  • Leverage – Up to 1: 500,
  • Spreads – From 0,0 Pips,
  • Education –  Full Program,
  • IPO Access,
  • Copy Trading,
  • Money management plan,
  • Access to premium Contest – Daily,
  • Saving account,
  • Negative Balance Protection.

Advantages of CryptoMakers broker

We would also like to tell you about the advantages of the broker:

Autotrading is a convenient tool, and its essence lies in the fact that the robot trades for you.
He selects the most successful trades based on the market situation. To use auto trading just add money to the account and press the start button for auto trading.

Signals are another simple tool that the broker provides for traders. This tool helps you decide what to buy and when. In addition, signals are expected to indicate what will happen in the future with a particular asset. This way, you can create and implement your trading strategy more thoughtfully.

Pamm account – is a trading tool in which a trader invests his funds to another more successful trader – this “trader” will be responsible for all the trades your account makes. Basically what happens is the “trader” will be trading on a PAMM account, and the trades will be divided into smaller portions with all the “investors” accounts in it.

Social Trading is a tool for traders who do not want to trade themselves but will copy the trades of more successful traders. You can choose a trader that you want to copy. When you have chosen the traders and started copying him, every trade that he makes will be made in your account in correlation of both your balances.

Broker CryptoMakers Reviews

We found reviews from real customers; they are different but mostly positive. So we decided to show you some of them.




Conclusion: Is CryptoMakers broker a scam or an honest broker?

We realized that we were not dealing with a scam broker. On the contrary, CryptoMakers is an honest broker that you can trust with your funds. With CryptoMakers, you can earn money and become a successful trader.

The broker offers unique tools, and guarantees data security.

The broker is part of the holding company R Capital Group Ltd, which is registered in the Republic of Seychelles with number 19726. We can conclude that the broker is a respectable and legitimate organization worldwide.

The broker CryptoMakers has a CIF regulation – Republic of Cyprus number – 186/122.

If a broker is regulated by any authority, he cannot be a scammer. Otherwise he wouldn’t be a regulated broker.

Therefore, you can safely start trading with a broker and be sure that your funds are safe.

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