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December 1, 2023 5:26 am

Bullcfds review website main pickture

BullCFDs review with facts and proofs –

Let’s begin our BullCFDs review. There are many brokers you can choose for trading on the stock market. But not all of them work the same, and you will not always be pleased working with them.

We will talk now about a young but promising broker who already has a good reputation among traders.

Its name is BullCFDs.

Let’s start our review with a few facts about BullCFDs.

  • BullCFDs is a broker that allows you to trade CFDs and cryptocurrencies.
  • The broker offers more than 160 assets for trading.
  • BullCFDs is in the process of obtaining regulations from the EU authorities.
  • The brand provides desktop and web trading platforms.  
  • There are only positive reviews about BullCFDs on the internet.
  • offers an excellent and secure connection to its website with the most advanced SSL certificates.
  • BullCFDs provides secure methods to deposit funds and fast withdrawals.

We were trying to find some information where traders considered BullCFDS was a scam. We didn’t find anything related to BullCFDs being a scam. And overall, the company looks promising.

BullCFDs review – Signing up with

To start our BullCFDs review, let’s see how to sign up. First, you have to go to and click on Register Now.

Fill in your details, and that is all.

Now what you have to do next is

  • Open your trading account.
  • Verify your documents with the compliance departments (KYC).

Bullcfds sign up review

KYC and how you should verify your documents.

What is KYC? It means: Know Your Customer. It is a policy for all regulated financial companies.

Every trader must confirm their identity to comply legally.

What you have to send to BullCFDs compliance department:

  • Your ID. It can be your driver’s license too.
  • If you deposit using a credit card, send BullCFDs its copy.
  • Utility bills not older than six months.
  • Selfie with Identification Document photo.

This process will take just a few minutes. 

This process is a must to start trading.

Don’t think the company is a scam or trying to steal your documents. The process is mandatory.

Depositing funds with BullCFDs

To make it honest, we went into and deposited $250 (it’s the minimum) to test the deposit process and the withdrawal.

The deposit process was easy. 

We used a credit card to make the deposit.

 We had the funds in our trading account instantly.

The withdrawal process took a bit longer. 

Because we had to send the KYC documents, but anyway, it took us just a couple of days to receive the funds back after verifying identity.

deposit and withdrawal bullcfds

BullCFDs trading accounts 

BullCFDs offers five trading accounts types: 

  • Educational (from $5,000 – $10,000).
  • Bronze (from $10,000 – $50,000 and up to 5% discount on trading fees).
  • Silver (from $50,000 – $100,000 and up to 10% discount on trading fees).
  • Gold (from $100,000 – $250,000 and up to 15% doscount on trading fees).
  • Platinum (from $250,000 and above and up to 20% discount on trading fees).

Commissions and fees

The commissions depend on the account type.

You will have better conditions when you have more money in your trading account.

Trading with BullCFDs

To review BullCFDs, we must talk about important for traders things such as:

     –Spreads that BullCFDs offers on its site.

 We found them very good for traders. 

    –Trading platforms

BullCFDs provides an excellent desktop platform and a web trading platform. 

We made a few trades through a smartphone. 

There were no lags or delays.

     –Trading fees.

The fees were all as the website states. BullCFDs didn’t charge any additional commissions or fees from our trading account.

Some companies that use scam tactics hide their fees. Fortunately, BullCFDs is not one of them. You are safe working with this broker

BullCFDs review of support

We tested all BullCFDs contact methods.

We contacted the support with the same question over email, the website form, the chat and even called their office.

All of them were successful. 

The broker replied to us on all the contact methods.

trading support

 Overall experience with BullCFDs review

To make this review complete, we must say that the overall experience with BullCFDs was enjoyable.

We managed to deposit, open trades, withdraw and communicate very easily.

  • The comfortable interface of the site. 
  • The trading platforms BullCFDs provides are very intuitive and easy to use.
  • The support team was helpful and answered all our questions.
  • The compliance team was very kind and guided us through the whole KYC process in a very easy-to-follow manner.

BullCFDs traders reviews

     Richard Drew (47 years old):

“BullCFDs is a great company. You won’t regret you started to work with this broker.” 

    Michelle Ross (31 years old):

“I love when my BullCFDs personal assistant helps me make the right trading decision!”

   Helen Dell (29 years old):

“I’m a musician. I teach kids to play the piano. 

I was never good at math or economics.

If I heard something about trading on the stock market, I understood nothing.

But once I met a guy, I never could forget him. It was my student’s dad.

He was jumping and laughing and shouting like a crazy man. His eyes were sparkling. 

I asked him what happened, and he told me that he sold shares he bought a few days earlier. And now he has enough money on his BullCFDs trading account to buy a white grand piano for his daughter. The grand piano is her old dream.

I thought, how lucky is his little princess to have such a cool dad.

Now I have a BullCFDs trading account too.”

Summary of BullCFDs review

logo bullcfds short

We want to sum up this BullCFDs review by saying that BullCFDs is a great broker if you decide to start trading CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

The education materials, their signals, and the customer service are excellent.

The company office is in Estonia, Tallinn. BullCFDs is obtaining regulations from the EU authorities, secure, and excellent overall.

We highly recommend BullCFDs. 

If you want to start trading with BullCFDs, click this link: 

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