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FXalta review 2022. Is this a scam or a reliable broker?

Let’s start this FXalta review with general information about the company. 

FXalta is a relatively new broker but already has a very good reputation among traders. FXalta is a regulated company so your money is safe. It is a good indicator for such a young broker to have established itself with such reputable licenses compared to other brokers in the same sector.

FXalta review: let’s go over everything in short.

In this FXalta review, we want to make it easy for you and explain everything briefly, and then dive into details. So here is everything you need to know.

  • Licenses and regulations.
  • FXalta trading platform: we will review FXalta’s custom-made web trading platform and mobile platform.
  • Minimum investment and trading accounts: The minimum investment is 250 USD.

FXalta also offers four different accounts.

  • FXalta payment methods: Vouchers or coupons, digital wallets, credit or debit cards, and wire transfers.
  • Education: FXalta offers a great variety of educational materials on its website. Educational trading e-books, trading courses, and guides.
  • Trading signals: FXalta offers great trading signals.
  • The website: is easy to navigate and secure for trading CFDs.
  • Customer service: You get much more than you can expect. 24/7 Support, with a truly professional team of experts, will solve any issue you might have.
  • Customer reviews: FXalta has a fantastic reputation in the traders’ community.

Now that you know the basics let’s go into more detail.

FXalta review. Regulation and financial backing.

FXalta review. FXalta is a regulated company and follows the KYC rules. It means every trader has to verify his identity and address. You don’t have to worry about your money when it’s in your trading account. It will be safe and only you decide when to take it.

FXalta trading platform.


The broker offers two trading solutions: the FXalta custom-made web trader and the mobile trading platform.

FXalta Web trader:

  • Very swift trading experience.
  • Traders don’t need to download the platform. They can trade right away from their browser.
  • You have access to different indicators.
  • You have access to trading signals.

FXalta Moblie:

  • A light version of the platform that you can use on your phone.
  • You can use FXalta mobile on both android and IOS devices.

Minimum investment and trading accounts

Before you start trading with FXALTA, you have to open your trading account.

The minimum deposit you can start with is just 250 USD.

The trading accounts that FXalta provides are the following:

1. Standard

2. Premium

3. Platinum

4. VIP

To choose the best account type for you, we suggest talking to your account manager first.

FXalta payment methods.


You can deposit funds with FXalta using:

1. Visa or MasterCard (it doesn’t matter if it’s credit or debit).

2. Bank transfer (wiretransfer).

3. Vouchers or coupons

4. Digital wallets.

You can withdraw funds with FXalta using:

1. The same Visa or MasterCard that you used to deposit.

2. Bank transfer (wiretransfer).


FXalta provides a comprehensive selection of educational resources on its website.

Educational trading e-books, trading video courses, and one-on-one trading sessions.

The educational center also features precious information on stock indices, commodities, currency pairs, and other traded assets in the financial markets.

FXalta review. Trading signals.


After opening a real account with FXalta, you will get your trading signal service.

The signals seem to be very accurate by the traders’ reviews. Most traders consider these signals the best on the stock market.

FXalta signals show over 83% accuracy in the six months from July to December 2021.

The website.

FXalta offers an excellent trading platform that you can use to buy/sell CFDs. The website has an SSL 128-bit encryption to protect all financial transactions. Furthermore, you can

visit FXalta from your web browser or mobile phone since they have a responsive interface that you can use on your phone.

The website of FXalta has a great design and is also very easy to use.

The website’s design is simple and easy to navigate if you are familiar with trading CFDs. The website is straightforward to navigate, and you can find anything that might be useful for you 


FXalta review. Customer service.

FXalta offers 24/7 live chat support to ensure that you can solve any issue in real-time.

You will get the best customer service from FXalta. They have an excellent reputation in the

traders’ community.

You can contact FXalta through the following methods:

  • Livechat
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Through your manager

Customer reviews:



Most traders that have dealt with FXalta seem pretty happy about it. Most of them claim that this is one of the best brokers out there for trading CFDs or cryptocurrencies and stock


We didn’t find any negative reviews about FXalta on the internet. All we found were positive. It says a lot about the broker.

FXalta review. Is it a scam or a reliable company? The bottom line.

FXalta offers a great platform that you can use for trading CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, FXalta seems to be a very reputable and reliable broker because of the


  • FXalta is a regulated broker.
  • Traders reviews.
  • FXalta provides high payouts and fantastic support.
  • There are no hidden costs or commissions with FXalta.
  • High-security courtesy of SSL encryption 128-bit technology so all transactions will be secure and safe for both parties.
  • The deposit/withdrawal process is simple, fast, cheap, plus straightforward, with a minimum deposit amount of just 250 USD.
  • Fxalta trading signals have had 83% accuracy in the last six months.

These reasons make FXalta one of the best cryptocurrency and CFD brokers.

Start trading with FXalta by using this link: htpps://

11 thoughts on “FXalta review 2022. Is this a scam or a reliable broker?”

  1. I highly value FXalta’s work because they are always ready to help me with any questions. Their customer support is professional and responsive. I feel secure and confident in my investments, knowing that they are always there to assist me.

  2. FXalta is an good broker that provides great service and a reliable platform for trading on the Forex market. I have been working with them for several years and always remain satisfied with their work. They also provide low commissions and fast withdrawal of funds, which is an important factor for me.

  3. I have been working with FXALTA for several years now and can confidently say that they are one of the best brokers I have ever dealt with. They have an excellent reputation in the industry thanks to their reliable platform, low commissions, and fast withdrawal of funds. I also appreciate their constant development and updating of technologies, which allows me to stay on top of the latest market trends.

  4. My personal experience with the company has been positive. I haven’t had any issues with withdrawing money: transfer requests are processed on the same day, and the funds arrive fairly quickly.

  5. Being a trader is the best profession today because you can earn good money from anywhere in the world. It’s very important to find a good broker to do that, and FXalta is one of them.

  6. Thanks to FXalta, I bought an apartment. It’s awesome. If someone had told me that two years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.

  7. FXalta successfully fulfills all its obligations to traders. The broker has the most comfortable trading conditions. You can choose a more convenient trading account for yourself, the platform can be downloaded to your phone and there is a wide range of trading instruments.

  8. On one of the forums for beginner traders, FXalta broker was recommended to me. I studied the broker for a long time, I couldn’t decide to start trading. And now I regret the time lost. My advice: if a millionaire trader with many years of trading experience advises you a broker, then you should listen.

  9. I trust FXalta 100%, they really value me as their customer, and I think they will value you and you and you, and everyone!

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