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April 15, 2024 4:21 pm

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Is AskForBit a scam? Or is it a legit broker?

Is AskForBit a scam? Let’s start with the most essential information: says that: You can Exchange and Invest on a Reliable, Simple, and Innovative cryptocurrency trading platform.

That is certainly true, so let’s have a look at the platform to see why.

Is Askforbit a scam? Platform review

Is AskForBit a scam? Let’s take a look at their trading platform and see what we find.

On their website, you can see that AskForBit has two types of platforms:

  • Web Trader
  • Mobile Trader

Webtrader is a light-coded version that will give you an amazing advantage with the speed that you definitely need for trading.

You don’t have to do anything. So you can trade anytime and on any device.

You may use your phone to access the mobile trader. It’s a really simple program that AskForBit created to make trading easier.

AskForBit account types

You can choose from five different account types on AskForBit.

  1. Bronze account starting from 1,000$ deposit.
  2. Copper account starting from 2,000$ deposit.
  3. Silver account starting from 5,000$ deposit.
  4. Gold account starting from 15,000$ deposit.
  5. Platinum account starting from 40,000$ deposit.

The difference between those accounts is that the higher you go the more support and attention you will get.

For example, in the platinum account you will get:

  • Direct Line To Your Account Analyst
  • Long Term Financial Plan By Senior Account Analyst
  • Weekly Private Sessions With An Analyst
  • Weekly Market Reviews And Financial Research
  • Up To 5 Protected Trades From Account Analyst

But, what if I want to deposit $250?

Yes, you may have a personal account manager if your deposit is only 250$. But before putting money into the account, ask what services your account manager will provide.

askforbit consonal

AskForBit Advantages

So, what exactly does AskForBit have to offer?

They have three fantastic tools that you may utilize to the fullest extension

  1. Education
  2. Auto trading
  3. Trading signals

AskForBit education

AskforBit offers the education that you need to get started. You can ask for their support to help you out with this.

AskForBit has a very well structured educational platform where they have these courses available for you:

1) Introduction To Cryptocurrency Trading

2) Crypto Trading Secrets Revealed – Proven Strategy For Beginners And Advanced Traders

3) Understanding The Economy And Economic Indicators – How They Affect Price Action In BitCoin/CryptoCurrency Markets

4) Technical Analysis In-Depth – Discover How Specific Technical Indicators Can Help You In Identifying Profitable BitCoins Opportunities And Avoid Losses With Harmonic Patterns!

5) Charting Basics And Beyond – Learn How To Create Your Own Auto Trading.

You also get a personal mentor that will guide you through your most crucial trading steps if your trading account fits the requirements.

AskForBit auto trading

AskForBit also has an auto trader where it will use your own trading strategies that you choose.

You ask askforbit to trade for you set the conditions. You can ask askforbit to buy or sell when an asset reaches a certain price when the volume is above/below a specific amount when the market sentiment changes and more!

AskForBit has an in-house team that is dedicated to giving you the best quality automation.

You can ask askforbit to give you exactly what you need when it comes to auto trading, and you can be sure they will deliver.

AskForBit trading signals

What about their trading signals?

askforbit a scam

AskForBit is offering you access to their trading signals.

Their signals are created by experienced traders who know which assets will pay you the most.

You can ask askforbit to send you up to 12 valuable indicators every month, and they will be available for free! (Depending on your account type).

AskForBit has live alerts that will come to your email/skype/telegram/custom app. They have:

Cryptocurrency / Forex / Stocks – buy and sell askforbit alerts in real-time

Most of the signals start with “SIGNAL,” so you can easily identify them.

Is AskForBit a scam? How easy is the withdrawal of the profits?

The withdrawal process is super easy and we did not find any evidence that anyone got a rejected withdrawal for no reason.

So as long as you don’t have a negative balance, you can easily withdraw your profits with AskForBit.

There are few different ways you can withdraw your profits with:

Bank transfer, Paypal, and crypto.

What’s great is that PayPal has an amazing policy that stands on the client-side all the time. Therefore you will never see a scam nor fraudulent organization uses PayPal.

That is a great sign for you as a trader, and it gets a huge trust point for AskForBit.

You can sleep safe, your money is safe with them 😉

AskForBit a scam? or should you start trading with AskForBit?

AskForBit a scam? Nope.

We have checked thoroughly and nowhere on their website or through social media have we found any evidence which could lead us to think askforbit is a scam.

Their website looks very professional, they are 100% transparent about who runs askforbit, how it works, etc..

Is AskForBit legit? Yes, askforbit is totally legit!

Is it a trusted broker? Yes, According to the feedback that we have received, AskForBit is regarded as one of the most reputable brokers for novices and experts.

If we were at your place we would start trading with them today 😉

Also, Feel free to leave askforbit review in the comment section if you like 🙂 Your opinion will be greatly appreciated by us and other readers! Thank You!!!

So ask yourself this question: “Can I afford NOT to use AskForBit?” Don’t hesitate, try out AskForBit today:

Go to their website and sign up. It’s a straightforward process.

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  1. A good broker! I’ve been trading with him for several years now. They have a convenient platform and always payouts on time

  2. I know this broker. My father has been trading with this broker for 2 years. He quit his job and now he’s a great trader.My father gave me a car for 19 years. We began to live very well and travel a lot thanks to Askforbit

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