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June 23, 2024 3:12 pm


LYON ASSETS review. Is this broker a scam? Let’s find out

LYON ASSETS is a brokerage company that provides cryptocurrency and CFD trading. The broker offers a wide range of trading assets. This LYON ASSETS review will show essential things for a trader. 

We will talk about:

  • LYON ASSETS location
  • Funding and withdrawal methods
  • The LYON ASSETS website security
  • The LYON ASSETS trading platforms
  • Account types
  • Customer service. Support
  • Additional services that LYON ASSETS offers
  • Traders about the broker
  • Scam cases of LYON ASSETS 

Let’s go into details and find out whether traders consider LYON ASSETS a scam or a reliable broker. 


LYON ASSETS review. Location

LYON ASSETS review. The company has many offices around the globe: United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Cyprus, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The head office location is in Dublin. But it doesn’t mean that only traders from these countries can use the provided services. The broker is global and open to international clients. 

LYON ASSETS exists since 2010. It means that this broker has been around for twelve years. Many LYON ASSETS clients make money, and the company earned a pretty good reputation among traders. Of course, they consider this broker reliable and recommend it to others. They like that LYON ASSETS allows its clients to make money and doesn’t play against its clients.

Funding and withdrawal methods

These are the funding and withdrawal methods: 

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Wire transfers 
  • Cryptocurrency
  • PayPal and some other options 

Not many brokers provide so many options that work instantly. It makes LYON ASSETS one of the bests in the field.

The LYON ASSETS website security

The LYON ASSETS website has an SSL certificate. So your internet connection is secure and safe. No hackers will reach your information. The padlock icon near the LYON ASSETS website address shows that the SSL certificate protects the website. And, of course, it protects your personal information.

LYON ASSETS. Trading platforms


The broker provides Web Trader and Mobile Trader. These are excellent trading platforms, advanced, and easy to use. They have all the indicators and trading tools traders need to make money. Traders can also use the Web Trader on their smartphones. 

Thanks to these platforms, LYON ASSETS clients don’t have to spend the whole day watching the market at home. It’s very convenient.

Account types

LYON ASSETS offers five account types: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Corporate. If you are interested in the differences between these accounts, you can find all the information on the LYON ASSETS website Traders with more money in their trading accounts get better conditions such as margins, spreads, etc.

Customer service and support

If you need to contact the broker, you can do it through the LYON ASSETS site ( You can also send e-mails or call by phone.

We have asked many traders about the support team, and they all said it is an excellent service. This team helps to solve any problem, so you never stay without help if you need it. The LYON ASSETS support team and managers are highly professional and likable. You will not be disappointed.

LYON ASSETS review. Additional services

The additional services that LYON ASSETS provides:

  • Fundamental analysis tools that will help you to make the right trading decisions
  • Trading calculators that will help you calculate your risk and possible profit
  • Educational materials about shares, forex, cryptocurrency, CFDs, etc.

Traders about LYON ASSETS


LYON ASSETS reviews show that traders like this broker and find it reliable. If you visit trust pilot, you can see the whole picture:

  • 71% of the reviews say that LYON ASSETS is excellent.
  • 21% of the reviews say that LYON ASSETS is good.
  • 7% of the reviews say that LYON ASSETS is average.
  • 1% of the reviews say that LYON ASSETS is not good enough.

The ratio of 99% positive reviews to 1% negative is impressive.


LYON ASSETS provides a comprehensive selection of educational resources. Traders can improve their skills, learn how to make a profit, and use this knowledge to grow their deposits. 

LYON ASSETS. Scam cases

We were trying to find LYON ASSETS scam cases on the internet. Most reviews were positive, except for several related to the Know Your Client policy.

Some people refuse to verify their trading accounts, and LYON ASSETS acts accordingly rules. It means traders don’t get access to the market till they send all the required documents to verify their identity and address. It doesn’t mean the broker is a scam when he follows the rules.

Scam brokers do not follow any rules. They want to get your trust. But in the end, you lose your money.

LYON ASSETS will not give you access to trading till you verify your trading account. It shows that you can be sure – your money is safe with LYON ASSETS.

LYON ASSETS review. The conclusion. Is it a scam? 


So, is LYON ASSETS a company you can trust? Is it safe to keep your money in the LYON ASSETS account? Both answers are yes.

What makes this broker reliable, and why would so many traders choose LYON ASSETS? 

The LYON ASSETS website uses advanced security and includes a safe SSL certificate. The funding and withdrawal methods that LYON ASSETS provides are secure and fast. The broker offers the most advanced and user-friendly trading platforms. LYON ASSETS has an excellent support team and offers plenty of help. Traders get access to educational materials, webinars, account managers, to support team, and guidance. We’ve talked with many traders, and every one of them told us many positive things about LYON ASSETS. It says a lot about the broker. We didn’t find any scam cases related to LYON ASSETS. This broker is a reliable company that helps its traders to make money.

Conclusion: Let’s sum it up. Is LYON ASSETS a scam? No, it’s not a scam, but an excellent choice to try making money trading cryptocurrency and CFDs.

So, if you want to open a trading account with LYON ASSETS, you can use this link: