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July 23, 2024 2:25 pm


Neotrades review. Is it a scam or a reliable company?

Neotrades review. This company is a global broker providing cryptocurrency and CFD trading. Let’s discuss everything traders usually want to know about their brokers before they open trading accounts. 

Here is a short list of what we are going to talk about:

  • Trading instruments
  • The Neotrades website security
  • Trading platforms
  • Funding and withdrawal methods
  • Neotrades account types
  • Customer service. Support
  • Additional services that Neotrades offers
  • Neotrades location and regulation
  • Scam cases 
  • Traders about Neotrades

Let’s go into detail and find out whether traders consider Neotrades a scam or a reliable broker. 

Neotrades review. Trading instruments

Neotrades review. This broker offers its clients many different cryptocurrencies and CFDs. People can choose Forex, Shares, Indices, ETFs, Commodities, and Bonds. More trading instruments give more opportunities to make a profit. You will always find something to make money.

The Neotrades website security


The padlock icon near the Neotrades website address shows that the SSL certificate protects this website. And, of course, it protects your personal information. It means your data is secure, and your money is safe with this broker.

Trading platforms

Neotrades provides its clients with a famous Meta Trader 5. They can use the Desktop version, Web Trader, and Mobile Trader. Every Neotrades client will admit it’s an excellent trading platform, advanced and easy to use. It has everything traders need to make a profit. 

Most brokers around the world provide their clients with Meta Trader 5. Lots of people using this platform make money on the stock market.

Funding and Withdrawal 

Neotrades offers many funding and withdrawal options: 

  • Wire transfers 
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Trustly
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

You can find all the information about these methods on the Neotrades website Not many brokers provide so many options. It makes Neotrades one of the best again. 


Neotrades review. Account types

Neotrades offers three account types: 

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Every account provides different benefits. You will know these differences if you visit the Neotrades website. 

Neotrades. Support

We have asked many traders about the Neotrades support team, and they all said it is an excellent service. People who work for Neotrades are highly professional and experienced. 

If you need to contact the broker, you can do it through its website You can also send emails or call by phone.

Additional services

Neotrades offers Copy Trading, PAMM accounts, and Autotrading.

All these excellent services help people to make money on the stock market.

Copy Trading

Using this service, people can mirror the trades of other traders in perfect synchronization. Although you copy, you are still in control of your portfolio. You pay the trader you copy just a fixed amount if his strategy made you profit. And you can stop, add, or remove funds at any moment.

PAMM accounts

Using this service, investors and experienced traders can make money together. How does it work? Investors contribute with their desired amount of money. Then a trader manages these funds under one single account. You can pick as many expert traders as you want and pay pre-agreed performance fees when your money manager makes a profit. 


Using this service gives traders to eliminate human errors and emotions in trading. All traders know that feelings like greed and fear can make you lose your money. When you use Autotrading, all is under control because programs have no feelings and can’t press the wrong buttons. That is why so many people on the globe use Autotrading.


Neotrades review. Location and Regulations

The company has a registered office in Mauritius. But it doesn’t mean only people who live there can use the Neotrades services. This broker is global and open to international clients.

Neotrades is a regulated company. So its clients can be sure their money is safe when it’s in the Neotrades trading accounts.  

Scam cases

Searching the Internet about scam cases related to Neotrades, you will find that most reviews are positive, except for several related to the Know Your Client policy. Some people refused to verify their trading accounts, and Neotrades didn’t give them access to the market till they sent all the required documents. It doesn’t mean this broker is a scam. Scammers do anything to get your trust to steal your money.

But Neotrades will not give you access to trading till you prove your identity and address. It shows you can be sure – your money is safe with this broker. 

Traders about Neotrades

Neotrades review. If you searched the Internet about this company, you would find that traders like this broker and call it reliable. If you visit trust pilot, you can see this picture:

  • 76% of the reviews say that Neotrades is excellent.
  • 19% of the reviews say that Neotrades is good.
  • 4% of the reviews say that Neotrades is average.
  • 1% of the reviews say that Neotrades is not good enough.

The ratio of 99% positive reviews to 1% negative is impressive.

Neotrades review. The conclusion. Is it a scam?


What conclusion can we make based on the information we found? We can only say that Neotrades is an excellent choice if you want to make money by trading on the stock market. People find this company reliable and recommend it to others. 

Is it safe to keep your money in the Neotrades account? Yes, your money will be there till you decide to withdraw it.

What makes this broker reliable, and why do many traders choose this company? There are so many reasons for this:

  • Neotrades offers a wide choice of trading instruments.
  • The Neotrades website uses advanced security. 
  • This company provides many funding and withdrawal options.  
  • The broker offers the most advanced and user-friendly trading platforms. 
  • The support team is highly professional. 
  • Neotrades clients can use Copy Trading, PAMM accounts, and Autotrading.
  • Neotrades clients love their broker.
  • We didn’t find any scam cases related to Neotrades.

The conclusion: Let’s sum it up. Is Neotrades a scam? No, it’s not a scam, but an excellent choice to make money by trading cryptocurrency and CFDs. Many Neotrades clients are profitable traders. They make a living by trading. You can be one of them too. 

So, if you want to open a trading account with Neotrades, you can use this link:


46 thoughts on “Neotrades review. Is it a scam or a reliable company?”

  1. I’ve had trading accounts with two other brokers, and I can tell that Neotrades is better than the others. It provides lower spreads, an advanced trading platform, more instruments, and great support.

  2. i’m glad I chose Neotrade, guys, and I recommend this broker to everyone because many people make money using its services.

  3. I love this company because using its services made me enough money to buy a new TV with a huge screen. And it took just three months!

    1. No matter what other people say, I’m pretty sure Neotrades is one of the best brokers for trading CFDs. It offers only good services to its clients, and they make money using them.

  4. I remember my result in the first month of using Pamm accounts was about 30%, and in the second was about 40%. It shows that Pamm accounts work and make a profit.

  5. There was not a good time in my life when I met a few CFD brokers that turned out to be scammers. It was an awful experience and I lost my money. But Neotrades is a reliable broker. Your money is safe with this company.

    1. If you want to become a profitable trader, you need to learn about trading. Neotrades provides many educational materials. Also, you can practice at the same time. Learning and practicing will make you successful.

  6. Neotrades gives traders many opportunities to make money on the stock market. All you need to do is use them, and then you will make a profit.

  7. The Neotrades trading platform is the best I have used. It has no bugs, fast executions, no delays, and many tools that help traders make a profit.

  8. Christian Darstick

    Every broker has its advantages. The same goes for Neotrades. It’s a famous trading platform, also many e-books and video tutorials, a great support team, and additional services like Autotradong, Copy Trading, and Pamm accounts.

  9. If you compare Neotrades with other CFD brokers, I’m sure you will choose Neotradesl like I did. Because everyone wants to choose a better option.

    1. Yes, Neotrades is an ideal broker for any trader. Ask any other client of Neotrades, and you will see they will tell you the same because every one of them wants only the best.

  10. This company is a good choice for both beginner and professional traders. Every client of Neotrade will find a way to make a profit.

  11. I can tell from my experience this company is a very good broker for CFD trading. Neotrades provides many services that help traders make money.

  12. Pamm account is a service I use every day. The same is true with Copy Trading. I don’t know if I could make money on the stock market without these two services, but it’s just great they exist.

  13. I love Neotrades. And everyone who makes money with this broker loves it as well. It’s a good company. If you want a broker for CFD trading, you won’t find a better one than Neotrades.

  14. One of the good things about this broker is a professional support team. They always answer quickly. I have never had to wait, and I give Neotrades only the best rating.

  15. I’ve tried trading platforms with other brokers but Metatrader is much better than others. Neotrades always provides its clients only with the best stuff.

  16. I like that my money is safe with this broker, and I shouldn’t worry about it. Neotrades has earned a good reputation, and traders consider it a reliable company.

  17. I have never had any problem with Neotrades not with a trading platform nor with the support team. I highly recommend this broker.

  18. With high spreads. you will never make a profit. That’s why Neotrades is good for any trader. Its spreads are low, and it gives traders a way to succeed.

  19. Neotrades is not the only broker that provides CFD and cryptocurrency trading. Many brokers offer this service. But if you compare them with Neotrades, you will see that this company is better than others and has many advantages.

    1. My experience with Neotrades is six months, and I can say only good words about this company and recommend it to everyone who wants to make money on the stock market.

      1. The first thing why I love this broker is the trading platform. It has an easy interface, and it’s easy to use. Also, it’s professional support. And, of course, it’s the option to use cryptocurrency for funding and withdrawal.

  20. With high spreads. you will never make any profit. That’s why Neotrades is good for any trader. Its spreads are low, and it gives traders a way to succeed.

  21. One of the best CFD brokers where traders make money. Lots of positive reviews on the Internet. There were no complaints from the clients and no scam cases related to Neotrades.

  22. Using Autotrading gives me a lot of free time. I’m happy with Neotrades because I make money even when I’m away from my computer. It’s so great to have a program that can work for you day and night.

  23. With Neotrades everyone will find something to become a profitable trader. This broker is not a scammer and won’t steal your money. It will be safe with this company

  24. Katherine Davenport

    I like this broker. I make money using its services, and I believe everyone can do the same because if I can do it, you can do it too.

  25. Hey guys, if you want to make money on the stock market, you won’t find a better broker. I tell you from my experience. You will see its advantages over other companies. And it will be easier to make money with this broker.

      1. Neotrades hires only professionals with experience in the field. That is why everything in this company is at such a high level.

  26. This company has clients from many countries. Traders find this broker reliable because many clients of Neotrades make a living by trading.

  27. I assure you this company is what you need to make money on the stock market. Neotrades has already earned a good reputation, and you can be one of many people making money by trading.

  28. Many trading instruments and tools, the best trading platform, great support, and low spreads. Everything traders need to make a profit.

  29. I can tell you, guys, this company provides great support and offers many educational materials. Even if you don’t know much about trading, you can become a successful trader with Neotrades.

  30. It was a few months ago when my colleague told me about Neotrades. I had another broker then. But after I compared these two brokers, I had no doubt I had to choose Neotrades.

  31. I know Neotrades is one of the best brokers for CFD and cryptocurrency trading. If you want a broker with a good reputation, this company will be the right choice.

    1. My trading deposit was tripled in four months. I hope it’s just the beginning and I can do even better because I follow many experienced traders using Copy Trading.

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