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March 1, 2024 5:36 pm

AGEA International AD reviews

Reviews on fraud, scam, or a decent broker? 

Today everyone longs for additional income – Reviews on While some people take additional jobs, others try their hand at trading. You can earn good money by trading in Forex. Based on numerous positive reviews, we stumbled upon It turns out that this company specializes on providing a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, digital and conventional currencies, and precious metals. Everyone talks about making money on the Internet by cooperating with brokers, and the talk is mostly positive, because the market is constantly growing and doesn’t seem to be moving in the downward direction. This trend is making more and more people trade and increase their income. If you want to make money, you can trade cryptocurrencies, precious metals, digital or conventional currencies. When choosing a broker you should rely on the reviews and also check their license, which AGEA International AD has made available for everyone to see. Do not be fooled by scammers that try to imitate AGEA International AD. We have collected reviews from real people on trading on their professional trading platform on

Reviews on fraud, scam, or a decent broker

How does International AD work? Client feedback about the website

The most important thing about AGEA International AD is that they are not scammers and show great enthusiasm in helping traders. If you are well-informed about economic events, then you do not need to be explained why trading is so profitable. Traders can purchase but also trade assets as the values rise and fall. the official trading platform is on

Reviews on confirm that it is not a scheme. This broker does not scam

  • AGEA International AD analyzes the market daily and shares this information with all the users; 
  • This licensed broker provides free training in the form of video lessons and scientific articles;  
  • The company collects data on currencies from around the world, and creates individual offers for you, based on the demand for a particular currency; 
  • AGEA International AD cannot possibly be a scam because they provide you with a trading specialist completely free of charge. The specialist helps the trader finalize their transactions, and earn money successfully; 
  • A trader can perform a different number of transactions per day, this number varies from 100 to 400; 
  • After finalizing a successful transaction, the trader can withdraw the profit to the card which they used to make a deposit into their account. This operation takes no more than 1-2 days. It depends on your bank.

This is the way that the company works. Let us talk more about cooperating with this company.

Reviews on and why it is not a scam

Minas: “I have been trying to find the right company for a long time now. In the end, after my long and tedious search, I have finally been able to find one. At first I was suspicious of it, but then I read all the reviews about the company and decided to take a risk. To be fair, I knew very little about trading and I really liked that the company teaches you the basics of trading and certain related concepts. I have been cooperating with this company for about 6 months now, at first I was doing it with the help of the trained specialist, then I was using the automatic system, and now I do it all on my own. Have been able to learn a lot and now I can say that I am very satisfied with the profit. I didn’t use to do this professionally, but I am starting to reconsider that option. Good luck to all of you!”

Another review

Alex: “I have read the reviews on and honestly thought that it was a scam. Have previously come across other companies, but they never had licenses. I started trusting this company because they provided me with their license and my life has changed since that moment. I needed help from a specialist and AGEA International AD helped me with that. And later it was all a blur: I kept trading and profiting. I really needed that money, it helped me to pay off my loans. If it weren’t for their specialists and the training I would never have decided to start trading. Thank you very much for all your help”

How to work with The reason why they will never scam you

So, working with AGEA International AD begins with a wish to make money. You probably understand that not everyone can trade on a platform like Forex. However the traders who know at least a little bit about Forex trading say that working with (according to reviews) generated very good earnings for them. Trading with the company is carried out all over the world and anyone can do it. There are various types of platforms where you can trade in real time, regardless of where you are. Moreover, you can trade by using the mobile version of the platform as well. Reviews on confirm that this is not a fraud. The company is constantly updating its trading platform to make it more convenient for the traders.

Reviews on not a scam. How to trade with AGEA International AD

Anyone can trade with the company. The only limitation is age. A trader must fill out an application for trading on platform and wait for a specialist to contact them. The trader then learns the basics of trading and finally begins to trade. And here you have a choice: either you trade with a specialist, or trade in accordance with a pre-selected program. It all depends on your availability. In any case, the risk is very small. This company trades with people all around the world and communicates with clients in real time. By the way, the trading is carried out 24/7.

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Bonuses for traders

  • Free training;
  • Daily Market Analyses and Insights;
  • More than 300 currencies and cryptocurrencies available;
  • Insurance of your first transactions;
  • The deposit is selected based on the client’s situation;
  • Fast profit withdrawal;
  • Automatic trading;
  • 1$ minimal investment; 
  • Perks and gifts from the company, 5$ no-deposit bonus;
  • More than 100 languages on the website and platform. Low spreads, simple but powerful platform, bonuses without time limits. Swap-free accounts, 1$ minimum deposit. Multiple payment methods, withdrawal fee first time only, good affiliate program;
  • Payment methods available for the clients: credit cards. Skrill, Neteller. FasaPay. Perfect Money. WebMoney. QIWI Wallet. Global Wire Transfer. Local Transfer. Local Banks;
  • Has a SCMN license

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Advantages of trading with AGEA International AD Disadvantages of trading with
Free training Age limit
Free consultation with specialists No risky trading
Fast profit withdrawal The company does not accept U.S. Citizens
Automatic trading

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