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May 15, 2021 8:23 pm

Reviews on Shamining.com – all about the company. 

Reviews on Shamining.com. We analyzed most of the real comments of clients, terms, features of cooperation, and official data. Based on this data, we made this review, which should help you understand if Shamining.com is a company you want to start working and investing your time and money with.


Detailed information about Shamining – Reviews on Shamining.com

Reviews on Shamining.com, the history. Since 2018 Shamining helps clients with the mining of cryptocurrency. The main task of the company is to provide a convenient platform for cloud mining. Cloud mining is in high demand among people, who want to make money on cryptocurrency without spending too much. Companies like Shamining have their own data centers and therefore can provide this opportunity to ordinary people.

Shamining has three centers:

  • San Jose – USA, California
  • Cape Town – Western Cape, South Africa
  • London – Great Britain

According to company employees, further, expansion is planned. For us, ordinary users, it is good news, because it will have a positive effect on the conditions and mining processes.

Shamining Mining Programs

We also learned from Shamining employees, that they provide a transparent scheme of cooperation. You choose the desired mining power, purchase a cloud mining contract, and start profiting in accordance with selected power. 

You can choose one of three powers: 23 580 GH/s, 340 GH/s, and 235 849 GH/s. Accompanying conditions and levels of income depend on a selected power package.

  1. 23 580 GH/s – price for 1 GH/S is $ 0.0120, service charges – $ 0.0108 for 1GH/s per day, profitability – 143%.
  2. 94 340 GH/s – price for 1 GH/s is $ 0.0113, service charges – $ 0.0106 for 1GH/s per day, profitability is from 149%.
  3. 235 849 GH/s – price 1 GH/S is $ 0.0109, service charges – $ 0.0104 for 1GH/s per day, profitability is from 156%.

BTC (bitcoin) is mined at all levels.

If you want to choose Shamining, keep in mind, that they cooperate with different payment systems: Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Perfect Money. The minimum investment is only 10$. A comparison with similar organizations will allow us to evaluate these conditions. We can see that the minimum investment, is a very big advantage for new miners. 

Can you think Shamining.com is a scam website? Absolutely not. Usually, there are «one-day companies» that scam. Shamining.com is a long term company. They invest in their centers and go public and never had any major complaints. But for a complete overview, we should check more on Shamining and other additional information.

Shamining reviews about investment advantages and disadvantages

In this section, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of Shamining.com. After all, we look at them when we need to make a choice to start working with them or not. The more advantages the organization has, the better reputation they have. Lets analyze the most important things you need to know if you can trust Shamining.com or you should throw it into the scam list.

Shamining has the following advantages:

  1. Due to the animation, the mining process resembles a game, understandable even for a beginner.
  2. So-called green energy is used for data centers (very impressive).
  3. Discounts and promotions.
  4. The minimum investment is only 10$.
  5. There are several ways for clients to get feedback and support.
  6. They work with different payment systems.
  7. Instant payments 24/7.
  8. You can choose the desired power for your miner.
  9. Earnings from any device and anywhere in the world.
  10. An advanced system of cloud mining.
  11.  There are a lot of positive reviews denying that Shamining is a scam.
  12.  A team of qualified employees.
  13.  The scheme of cooperation is very transparent.
  14.  A special section «Beware of scammers», where you can get a lot of useful information and advice from professionals.
  15.  There are three data centers in different countries.
  16.  It is suitable for any level of knowledge about cryptocurrency and mining.

Shamining has dissadvantages?

With all the list of advantages, Shamining also has its disadvantages. Although there is just one drawback in this case – the organization has been working for only 2 years. 

Some reviews on Shamining.com doubt the quality of provided services due to them being “young”. But let’s not forget, the crypto craze has been around not for long, and you can not expect a crypto mining company to be more than 10 years old.

The reason why we classified two years of experience as a disadvantage is that some people might think so. We want to give you all the information you need to make a smart decision. After all, our analysis is based on feedback from customers and data.

Judging by the large list of advantages, it is difficult to say, that Shamining is a scam or even just a regular mining company. Shamining.com is an advanced company in its field, providing very competitive products for an excellent price.

Comparative characteristics of mining instruments of Shamining.com

As has been noted several times, Shamining suggests quite goods conditions and services. If you collect them to the chart, you can immediately answer these questions: what is a minimum amount of investment, how quickly you can withdraw the money you earned. 


Year of foundation 2018
Minimum investment  10$
Withdrawal time  Instantly 24\7
Mining system Cloud mining system
Discounts and promotions At that time, there is a 35% discount for all miners
Team and specialists CEO – Arthur Bancroft;

AML – Matthew Morce;

Marketing – Thomas Patterson;

Finance – Alan Lee;

Developer – Klaus Günther.

Support [email protected]

[email protected]

Online chat on the main page

Datacenters 3 centers: San Jose – USA, California; Cape Town – Western Cape, South Africa; London – Great Britain
Payment systems Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, Litecoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money
Supported devices Any devices with Internet access

If we compare with any similar company, we will see, that Shamining wins many of its competitors. Does it mean that Shamining is a scam? Of course, no. Only reliable companies have the same characteristics. But it is important to refer to real reviews on Shamining.com that we gathered.

Fraudsters are misleading. Shamining found a solution regarding security.


It seems that we are fully protected from fraud. But sometimes, there are still unpleasant situations. To avoid falling to such a trap, Shamining brings scammers out of the bushes, and employees created a special section «Beware of scammers». There you can find advice from specialists. This information will help to deal with imposters. Just think about it, there are imposters, that are trying to be Shamining. What does it tell you? That Shamining are very good, who do you wanna copy? The best? Or just some random company… The best, of course. 

But the main question, that almost many people have is: can you trust the company itself? Can we name Shamining a scam? Or we should be ashamed of ourselves just by putting these two words together? 

Discounts and promotions

There is a 35% discount for all miners. It works the following way: you buy the miner, for example, for 100$, and receive an additional miner for 35$. Conditions of receiving the miners are very simple and available almost for every client, although, they can save a pretty decent amount of money, as well as earn extra money with it. The employees thought out all the nuances well over and if you have any specific questions. Feel free to ask anything in the chat on Shamining.com at anytime.

It is difficult to find any signs of SHAMINING being a scam, event with in-depth study. We didn’t find any signs of anything related to scamming. While we found a lot of information to say otherwise. 

  • Securite
  • Transparency
  • Liability
  • Support
  • And much more


Contacts and communication with Shamining.com 

Whatever the organization does, the most important thing is being able to contact the company quickly. So you can resolve any issues that you might have and get your answers answered as soon as possible.

In some of our reviews, people complain due to slow response times, you won’t see any complaints with Shamining.com. They will help you faster than flash will finish running a 60-meter distance (very fast).

Collaborating with Shamining, we have several ways of support: email address « [email protected]» and online chat on the main page of an official web site. The last option is the most convenient and universal – here on the spot you get immediate answers to your questions, without leaving the website. Does it look like Shamining is a scam yet? If your not sure, let’s continue.

In addition, you can find email addresses of some of the company’s employees:

In general, the company’s policy is based on transparent activity and it is presented for its clients. This is an absolute plus of their activity. Rarely to never, you will see a mining company that hands you personal contacts. Moreover, you can see the email addresses of directors of important departments. So if you have any questions or requests you can reach them directly, pretty amazing is it?

Reviews of clients on Shamining show it all. A lot of users show their appreciation for the close support they receive. This significantly improves the reputation of the company.

Real clients write comments and reviews about Shamining.com.

Shamining.com Reviews need to be examined to understand the full picture. They best disclose the real activity. According to these reviews, you can understand whether you should trust Shamining fully or not. We explored real reviews about Shamining and came to the following conclusions.

At first, a lot of people write about a convenient and clear process of income. Apparently, it looks like an online game, but earnings are real. 

Harris V. writes about it as follows: «…I thought that I would not understand it and this is definitely suitable only for smarter people. But no. Everything is clear and will be understandable even to the most distant people from cryptocurrency».

Second, there is a lot of information about the transparent income system in the comments. Shamining has a special calculator, which will help you to calculate your profits, relying on your budget. You don’t need to delve into complex numbers. For example, 

Olga Z. writes: «…everything is really easy. I am not a mathematician, but the calculator helped me choose my program and I choose the best option for my budget. I use it as my income grows to choose better mining programs from my budget».

There are many more positive opinions and comments among all the different Reviews on Shamining and practically no negative ones. It’s a big advantage for you as a client to dive into crypto mining with Shamining.com.

Conclusions on the topic: Reviews on Shamining.com, real opinions, and comments

Real opinions and comments helped us to analyze all the official information. All the work done leads us to the following conclusions.

  1. Despite the fact, that Shamining has existed for only 2 years, it didn’t affect the quality of services and a lot of people are very satisfied with them.
  2. There are a lot of real Reviews about Shamining with positive feedback. Of course, it has a good effect on their reputation.
  3. Conditions of cooperation with Shamining are quite simple, they are convenient for users with different bits of knowledge about cryptocurrency and mining. Mining with Shamining is suitable for anyone over the age of 18.
  4. The minimum investment is very low – only 10$, there are also a lot of different promotions and discounts for existing clients, which will help you to save «an extra penny». As one of the reviews said – “Easy money”.
  5. The company has an open and transparent policy. 
  6. Very fast support, on the website chat and email. This is by the way is way underappreciated by some. Because support is one of the most important factors in cloud mining after the technology itself.

So is Shamining.com a scam or a legit mining platform? You guessed it. Legit 100%. We can even say that it’s one of the most advanced mining platforms today.