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May 25, 2024 5:11 pm


Savoy Investment Group review. This broker is a scam. Is it true?

Savoy Investment Group review. There are many ways to make money nowadays. One of them is trading on the stock market. People can do it anywhere in the world, anytime they want. That is why trading is so popular. Besides, with trading, you can make money fast. But to start trading, you need a broker. SavoyIG is one of the brokers you can choose. Let’s talk about things that traders usually want to know before they open trading accounts with this broker:

  • General information
  • Funding and withdrawal
  • Account types
  • Website security
  • Trading platform
  • Trading tools
  • Support
  • Traders about Savoy IG
  • The advantages of Savoy Investment Group 

Then, we can draw conclusions.

Let’s start our review. We hope you will find here all the information you were interested in about this broker.

Savoy Investment Group review. General information

Savoy Investment Group review. Let’s start with a short introduction. SavoyIG is a company that operates as a global broker for CFD and cryptocurrency trading. It has provided its services for trading on the stock market since 2000 and earned a good reputation among traders.

Savoy IG has offices in Panama, Cyprus, South Africa, Switzerland, and the UK. As a regulated organization, Savoy Investment Group follows a compliance-related process. It entails collecting acceptable evidence from its clients to follow KYC rules (Know Your Client): valid ID cards and recent utility bills or bank account statements that validate the registered addresses of the clients.

Funding and withdrawal


Sometimes, traders need a fast way to fund their trading accounts or withdraw funds. Because if it’s not fast, traders can lose their money. We have asked many traders, and they all said that most Savoy Investment Group services for funding deposits and withdrawal of funds work instantly. 

So, you can open your trading account, verify it, and then fund this account in just a few minutes. You can use any of these methods:

  • Wire transfers
  • Visa and Mastercard
  • PayPal and other online payment systems
  • Cryptocurrency

Not many brokers offer so many ways for funding and withdrawals. It makes Savoy Investment Group one of the best in the field.

SavoyIG review. Account types

The broker offers five trading account types:

  • Bronze (250 EUR)
  • Silver (5000 EUR)
  • Gold (25000 EUR)
  • Platinum (50000 EUR)
  • Premium (100000 EUR)

You can find all the information about these accounts on the Savoy Investment Group website:

The Savoy Investment Group website security

The Savoy IG website has a modern security system. The most advanced SSL certificate protects your personal information and keeps it safe. It is encrypted, and nobody can get this information. That is why you can be sure your money will stay in your trading account. Only you can take it when you want.


Trading platforms

Savoy Investment Group provides its customers with Web Trader and Mobile Trader.

Web Trader is an advanced and easy-to-use platform. Many traders already have experience using it. They say only positive things about this platform. 

Mobile Trader. This trading platform has all the options of the Web Trader. Moreover, this platform allows you to place deals from everywhere, so you will never miss the opportunity to profit.

Savoy IG. Trading tools

Savoy Investment Group provides trading signals. Every client of this company can follow these signals. Many traders have used this service. They say these signals are profitable and save them time. It’s helpful.

Also, SavoyIG provides Autotrading and offers educational materials on its website. The clients of Savoy Investment Group get access to information about trading. Using this information, traders can grow their accounts much faster. 

Also, the company offers Copy trading and PAMM accounts. Not many brokers offer so many services. That is why traders love Savoy Investment Group and recommend it to others. And it’s understandable – they make money with this broker. 

Savoy Investment Group review. Support


We cannot but mention that the SavoyIG support team is highly professional. Traders get help anytime they need it. The broker provides every client with a personal account manager. Also, there are One on One Trading Academy Sessions. All this helps traders make the right decisions in trading to make a profit.

There were stories on the web where traders were losing their money because of a lack of support. But when your broker is Savoy IG, you will always get help anytime you need it.

The advantages of SavoyIG

Savoy Investment Group has a few advantages over other brokers:

  • The spreads that the company provides are relatively low compared with other brokers.
  • The Savoy IG website and trading platforms are secure, which means your funds are safe. Full data protection. 100% secured trading.
  • The team is highly professional. That is why traders get excellent support.
  • Many funding and withdrawal methods. You can use cryptocurrency, online payment systems, debit or credit cards, and wire transfers. The process of funding and withdrawal can be instant. 

Traders about Savoy IG

We have asked traders with experience using the Savoy Investment Group services. Most of them said that these are helpful services and they like it. There were only a few negative reviews where traders refused to send the required documents to verify their trading accounts. That is why they complained they didn’t get access to the market. Most SavoyIG clients recommend this broker to others. They say everyone loves this company.

Savoy Investment Group review. Conclusions


Now, knowing all this information about the broker, we can draw a conclusion. What can we say about SavoyIG?

This company is an excellent choice if you need a broker for cryptocurrency and CFD trading. Savoy Investment Group charges low commissions and fees.

Savoy IG is a good choice for those who want a professional support team and services like Autotrading, Copy trading, PAMM accounts, and trading signals. Also, Savoy Investment Group is the right option for those who need many fast funding and withdrawal options and want their money safe.

We highly recommend SavoyIG. Would you like to open a trading account with this company? Here is the link if you do:

Good luck in trading!